Apology for lack of posts

By | August 9, 2013

I apologize for failing to update my blog as I should, but lately I have been to court almost every day and then go home and take care of things there.  Still, my absence is unexcuseable, so I resolve to be more prompt in my blog postings, even if I have nothing to write about.

Well, today I do have something to write about.  On Monday, August 5th, it was my birthday.  And guess where I was at?

Yep!  I was in court!

Overall, though, I have been reflecting over this last year (getting older does that), and if there is one thing I can honestly say is that anything worth having is only going to come from time and hard work.

Now, I am willing to bet you are all asking “but, Ms. Cox, why are you telling me something I already know?”  Well, the reason I am is because I have noticed that many people have an unrealistic expectation of how quickly court proceedings are suppose to go.  Often, I find that clients believe that criminal case, divorces, probate disputes, and even settlements are supposed to go quickly.  Personally, I blame “Law and Order,” which gives the impression that courts are like one great assembly line.

So what advice can I give?

If you are involved in a case, regardless of what it is, mentally prepare yourself to accept the fact that it will probably last longer than you would like.  This is important, because clients with more reasonable expectations about court proceedings are less likely to give up or settle for less than they wish for.

If there is any advice I can impart, it is this.  It is the clients that carry the most patience that tend to have the best outcomes.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!


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