Spring is here!

By | April 7, 2014

Finally!  It is spring!

We made it!

I don’t know about you, but winter has always managed to wear me down.  Not to insult anyone who loves winter, of course.  But for me, it is the worst time of the year.  It is too cold to do anything, and more often than not I develop cabin fever (or office fever, if one must be literal) long before April rolls around.

Of course, not everyone likes the return of warmer temperatures into the region, and for good reason.  Allergies is a problem, of course.  And then there is the problem of dealing with spring weather and knowing that you would have to wear a coat one day, only for it to be warm enough to wear shorts and sandals the very next day.

And then there is the dreaded tax season, where most of us (including yours truly) have April 15th circled in red as we shuffle through our boxes of bank statements and receipts and get our tax returns prepared.

So I will concede that Spring in not a good time for everyone.

But, regardless of that, I have always found Spring to be a welcomed change after enduring so many long months indoors.  Maybe it is because I was born in summer.  Maybe it is because gardening is one of my favorite hobbies.  Maybe it is because I am a cold-blooded attorney and the warmer temperatures agree with me (just kidding).  Regardless, I am full of energy right now as I eagerly sit at my window and daydream about exactly what I plan to plant in my garden this year.

I imagine that some of you are looking at your yards right now and are just waiting for the right time to begin planting and landscaping.  But, like me, you are hesitant to start yet until you are sure that we won’t have any more sub-zero temperatures.  And considering the winter we had just had (one of the coldest in decades for Tennessee and one of the coldest on record for most of the United States), I wholeheartedly applaud your caution.

Regardless, I know, in the back of my mind, that my enthusiasm for outdoor labor is probably a bit over-the-top right now.  Before long, I will probably be huffing and muttering under my breath as I haul a water hose all around my yard to try to save my plants from drying out this summer, as I tend to do almost every summer since I first began gardening.  Soon, I will begrudge the chores of weeding and mowing, even though I can’t wait to do it now.  Before too much longer, I will be craving the long winter months of repose that, as of right now, are driving me crazy.

Still, there is something to be said about agriculture.  It requires discipline, knowledge, patience, and even a series of trial-and-error experimentation.  In many ways, agriculture reflects the practice of law.  Both require you to know your environment (both the land and the courthouse), and both condition you to expect the unexpected.  Just as Tennessee’s climate requires us to adjust our strategies (one summer we may see too much rain, while the next summer gives us drought conditions), so too does Tennessee Law, as the legislature in Nashville constantly adds new statutes or amends existing statutes which changes the laws that we govern ourselves.  Further, Tennessee’s judicial system changes the way we, as attorneys, interrupt the law.  What is true one day may not be true in the future, so we must always keep up with new court decisions, as they may change the outcome for some of our clients.

Still, I can’t wait to begin working outside again after enduring these last few months of frigid temperatures.  And while I know that my enthusiasm will likely not last, I can honestly say that I don’t care at the moment.  I am sure that all of you who landscape and garden understand what I am saying.

I hope to be a little more regular in my posts in the next few months as court starts to slow down, but we shall see.  In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying the break in the cold as much as I am.  So I wish you all a wonderful day and hope that you are all enjoying (or tolerating) the weather right now!


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